Universitat per a Majors


The Universitat per a Majors (in English, Senior Citizens’ University) is a range of studies created by Jaume I University for those people who are older than 55 and are willing to continue their studies and widen their general knowledge. By means of this university programme, the University wants to contribute to the improvement of the human abilities in the field of adults not only by giving them academic training but also by enabling their integration and their social development.

That is why they are provided with reflection and freedom spaces which make possible the exchange of knowledge and experiences. In our society, characterised by its dynamism and its capacity for changing continuously, education and learning during life are necessary if you want to understand what is happening nowadays. They have become a chance to participate in a responsible way in the historical and social context we are living in. The university education for adults does not aim to train students to become professionals. The main goal is to encourage the personal development of the students and contribute to the cultural development of our society.

In the Universitat per a Majors two important branches can be distinguished: teaching and research. The quality of our teachers is the base for programming the studies of “University Senior Graduate”. Research is promoted and developed by means of projects, publications, conferences and university exchanges, at national and international level.

Contact: majors@uji.es

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