Project Description

The city of Gijón is located in Northern Spain, in the Principality of Asturias Region.  The population of Gijón is close to 275000 people and 380000 for the total agglomeration, being the most populated and the most industrial city of Asturias. It covers a surface of 181.7 square km and is located in the central area of the coastline; its maximum height above sea level is 672 m. The urban area of the city spreads over 27 km2 and concentrates 93 % of the total inhabitants, yielding in a very high density.

During the decade of the 1960s and 1970s the city grew due to the development of the steel and shipbuilding industries and coal mining. The economic activity of its port was and still is one of the drivers of the city. Gijón has suffered a deep industrial regeneration where the current economic sectors of the city are ICT; services; tourism; the cultural and creative sector; blue economy; and circular economy.

Gijón City Council has a European strategy reflected in the participation in European projects, networks and campaigns. Moreover is a full member of EUROCITIES, the network of major European cities, and a founding member of the Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities. The Council staff has a strong experience in the management of European projects in different programmes (INTERREG; URBACT; Intelligent Energy Europe, Erasmus +, etc).

Gijón’s environmental commitment is reflected in the adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors and the elaboration of SEAP. Gijón has recently approved its Integrated and Sustainable Development Urban Strategy where we can see as one of the main axes is the environment (air quality; noise; mobility; etc).


Enrique Rodriguez Martin
European and International Affairs
Gijón City Council
Phone: + 34 985 18 11 53

Joaquín Ángel Flores López
European and International Affairs
Gijón City Council
Phone: + 34 985 18 11 58