Project Description

Drosostalida is a social enterprise aiming to provide training, support, counselling and research activities to diverse groups of people. Drosostalida works with youth and individuals belonging to vulnerable groups, supporting them on multiple levels to facilitate their integration or re-integration into society or world of work, adults in need of upgrading skills or learning new ones, as well as providing generic training to any interested party.
Drosostalida provides:
– training (F2F, elearning, board games, interactive seminars etc), Planning, organization and implementation of training programs (lifelong learning) and training seminars using conventional methods and / or the use of new technologies in the areas of culture, health, basic skills, digital skills and technology,
– counselling in basic competences and increase of skills,
– knowledge and training on circular economy topics
– digital competence training (digital literacy, digital communication etc)
– research and counselling to public and private organisations,
– design and development of online training material for trainers (Train the Trainer courses) using: serious games design, conversion of traditional company training to online training,
– design soft skills competence training for youth and their trainers,
– Consulting services and professional counselling advisory for entrepreneurship and employment (youth and adults),
– Consulting services for vocational education and training field (design of VET training courses for adults)
The greatest asset of Drosostalida is its human factor. More specifically, it is supported by an ambitious team of 5 experts with first priority the advancement of independent living for people of vulnerable groups, education/learning and support of employability, social support and familiarisation with ICT.