20 02, 2018

Workshop with senior learners about Servitization and Circular Economy

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On February 20th, in the Senior Citizens’ University of the Jaume I University a group of senior learners interested on the topic about servitization and circular economy meet in a workshop to try to answer some questions that raise from the CLEAR project.

  • What do you know about servitization and circular economy? Did you have any experience? (later after this, we explained those concepts)
  • Can you find or explain some examples of servitization and circular economy?
  • How (or what) would be good uses? how we can take advantage? how can we promote their understanding and use?
  • Would you like to know more? what?
  • And also an open discussion about the topic.

Senior learners had very different background; some of them had been trainers or teachers. Other Businessmen or businesswomen, while others though the topic interesting enough to participate and help us.

The workshop worked very actively, working in groups, extracting ideas and answers that later were presented.

Soon, the results of this first phase of analysis and research will be published.



15 02, 2018

Presentation of CLEAR project in the Universitat Jaume I

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On February 16th, in the conference room of the Jaume I University, the CLEAR project was publicly presented. In this presentation we presented following concepts:

  • The importance of servitization, mostly in the recent years. The challenges and opportunities in global economy, but also on the individual. How that affects us (as consumers and workers).
  • Introduction to Circular Economy as a new paradigm that goes further than recycling, with some examples.
  • What CLEAR projects aims to achieve and how we can try to influence to get a better World, in terms of ecology, economy, environment protection, and quality of life.


7 02, 2018

Awareness of CLEAR Project raised at Malta’s main VET institute MCAST

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This event was open to VET teachers, learners and stakeholders interested in Environmental and Circular Economy issues. It was held in Malta, in relation to a project entitled Engage, under the leadership of partner MECB and took place on Wednesday 28th February 2018 at the VET Malta College for Arts, Science & Technology (MCAST) in Paola, Malta.

The aims of this multiplier event were mainly to raise awareness  on the concept of the Circular Economy and how this can be exploited as a basis for Green Entrepreneurship and to introduce the participants to outputs arising from the Engage project, that can help stakeholders learn more on how to exploit the circular economy for green entrepreneurship.  Results emerging from the CLEAR project were also presented during this seminar.

20 12, 2017

Kick off meeting on the media

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The project started, and following are the news appeared on the media

National network of Senior Citizens’ Universities (AEPUM)



11 12, 2017

Meeting 11-12 December 2017

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The Senior Citizens University, from Jaume I University celebrated the first meeting of the project “Resources for the formation and reuse of knowledge in a circular economy” on December 11th and 12th, 2017. The European CLEAR project is included in the Erasmus + Program for Educational Innovation and will be developed over a period of 28 months along with six other European institutions.


2 10, 2017

Spanish National Association of University Programmes for Older Adults

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The CLEAR project was announced in the field of the National Association of University Programs for the Elderly of Spain (AEPUM) Thanks to this activity, the rest of the programs for older people in Spain were able to learn about the new line of work and research that this project will develop , know their partners and be able to follow the evolution of the same in social networks, web page, etc



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