One result of the project is the eLearning Platform, is a virtual learning space aimed at facilitating the distance training experience, both for companies and for educational institutions. It is open and free, registration is immediate. There you can find 11 lessons, these are:

Module Unit
M0: Circular Economy as an attitude Unit 1: Circular Economy as an attitude
M1: Introduction to circular economy Unit 1: What is circular economy?
Unit 2: Circular economy principles in business
M2: Servitisation Business Model Unit 1: Shift towards services, what is servitisation?
Unit 2: Main characteristics of Servitisation Business Model
M3: circular economy & servitisation Unit 1: Circular economy & servitisation
Unit 2: The concept of service chain
Unit 3: The customer’s role
Unit 4: Green entrepreneurship
M4: Business value in Circular Economy and servitisation Unit 1: What is understood as business value?
Unit 2: Introduction to environmental management systems

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