The CLEAR project (co-financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus + Program) focuses on the promotion of a servitization business model to promote the Circular Economy (EC).

A key step towards moving towards a servitization business model is collaboration with consumers, aiming to receive both information about possible new services and support in the shift towards service provision.

This project is based on the experience of the elderly and their knowledge to generate new ways of reusing knowledge, generate good practices: in consumption, recycling and manufacturing, as well as the transmission of all this to society. Together we can collaborate in the creation and testing of new services and facilitate the adoption and transmission of good practices: reusing the knowledge that older people already have.

During the past year, a group of students interested in these topics carried out a work of reflection, sharing of ideas and analysis of those aspects in which they thought they could collaborate.

On Wednesday 29, the project dissemination event was held in the Assembly Hall of the Higher School of Technology and Experimental Sciences (3rd floor). In the event the entire project development was explained as well as the results obtained. Near 50 people attended the event.