A Flyer and these two handbooks were made for introducing the main ideas and concepts on CLEAR “Circular Economy Adult Training ToolBox – Knowledge ReUse”.

The idea was to create and publish helpful tools that people can use and share them in their daily life spreading the concept of project due to their networks. So, there is an Introductory Guide (16 pages) in English language and a Handbook (48 pages) in Greek Language. Both of them mainly are introducing people to think and act on circular economy values, as well are guiding readers to log in to the CLEAR platform.  

These materials are complementary to meetings and multiplier evetns for disseminating the CLEAR project, disseminating the concept and the results of this collaboration, these two handbooks have done their entry in local libraries (municipal, school, Life Long Learning centre), offices, shops, local and supra local institutions. Adult educators, entrepreneurs, local association for entrepreneurship, senior people as well representatives from Ministry of Education and especially from Life Long Learning Centre’s Committee and the Institution of Certification for Adults Educators as well academic staff were some of the people that were initiated to CLEAR project through them. The two handbooks were written and edited under the responsibility of Department of Research, Local Development & Planning, Municipality of Korydallos and they were presented and disseminated to Gijon closing event in Spain.