On March 9, we had the opportunity to participate in a Seminary organized by the Languages Academy Lawton School, in the framework of a multiplier event of his European project ‘Engage’, linked to the concept of Circular Economy.

The Circular Economy is a constant topic in the current policies of the European Union; its commitment to sustainability and efficient consumption makes that many European Programs encourage the dissemination and consolidation of a concept that is committed to an inclusive and sustainable future.Specifically, within the Erasmus + Program, numerous initiatives have been promoted in order to boost the Circular Economy, as is the case of the European Engage project, of which the Gijon Academy Lawton is a partner. Within the framework of this project, on March 9, a Seminary on the Exploitation of the Circular Economy as a basis for green entrepreneurship was organized in the Asturias Building of the Technological Science Park of Gijón. Within the Conference, several papers related to Circular Economy concepts were made, with the presence of different local spheres (the Lawton Academy, COTEC, Innovasturias, EntreEncinas Bioclimatic Promotions SL, the Mile of Knowledge Chair: Xixón Sustainability and, our Department of European Affairs). Our intervention focused on bringing attendees the concept of ‘servitization’, through the project of which we are partners CLEAR (Erasmus +), which has an intimate relationship in terms of methodology with the project of the hosts of the event, in the extent to which they try to disclose and train in Circular Economy and concepts derived from it. The event represented a perfect opportunity to present the CLEAR project at the local level, explaining that ‘servitization’ can be a model to be followed in the future that will affect the consumption and supply habits of users and entrepreneurs respectively, orienting us towards an awareness of responsibility and commitment to the future of our planet. In the following link you can access the presentation of our intervention: ppx Lawton Seminary CLEAR In the following link you can access the press release of the Lawton Academy about the event: press release Lawton School In the following link you can see a video made by COTEC on the Circular Economy: “The Circular Economy, discover what it is before the planet explodes”