6 02, 2020

Newsletter no. 5

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The new newsletter no. 5 is now available, you can download in this link:

In this you can find information about the final meeting in Spain on January 2020, the Final Conferences. Also the CLEAR RESULTS about it:

  • Case-studies of the Circular Economy Servitisation Model
  • Curriculum for a Modular Trainers’ Course on Circular Economy and Servitisation
  • Training course material and digital training toolbox

And also, Multiplier Events in: Portugal (Coimbra), Spain (Bilbao), Greece (Korydallos), Greece (Athens) and Malta.

7 10, 2019

CLEAR Toolbox

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The CLEAR toolbox is the resource center where you can find all together the CLEAR resources, easy to be download and used for your training activities. You can also access from that portal the online course.

The toolbox has been designed following the principles of transferability and reusability; easy to find and donwnload. Access the eLearning platform. Adoption of materials, and if you improve or add new languages or content, also a platform to upload (under request) new content. So this is a place to continuously use, update and improve the CLEAR products.

We can affirm that we designed the CLEAR toolbox following the CLEAR principles: this a service under circular economy approach; use it and re-use.

Clic here to access the Toolbox


13 09, 2019

Newsletter no. 4

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The new newsletter no. 4 is now available, you can download in this link:

In this you can find the information about the next meeting in Greece; the news about the Training course material and digital training toolbox will be online soon. Also there is a report about the Spain National Strategy regarding Circular Economy. Furthermore, there are different events around Europe and some publications.

8 05, 2019

Newsletter No. 3

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The Newsletter No. 3 is available in this link:

In this you can find the information about the fouth meeting in Portugal – March 2019, information about the Curriculum, the European Commission report on the implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan, the Malta National Strategy regarding Circular Economy and a Master Class – Castellón (Spain).

27 03, 2019

Newsletters – Project CLEAR

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The first official communication of the CLEAR project is available, you can access by clicking here.

The second official communication of the CLEAR project is available too, click here.

The objective of this project is to act through education, change attitudes and skills of students, trainers and educational managers, so that we can get a little closer to the objectives of sustainable development.


31 05, 2018

Results Case Studies

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This result shows six relevant case-studies demonstrating the concept of the Circular Economy Servitisation Bussiness model, and these show how have helped in green entrepreneurship. The practical approach adopted will help SMEs understand the servitisation model and importance of service innovation and green entrepreneurship and facilitate uptake. The augmented reality features that have been added to them, will help transferability and re-usability to others sectors.

These have been prepared from the six partners of the different organizations, framed within Circular Economy Adult Training ToolBox- Knowledge ReUse, the titles are these:

30 03, 2018

Preeliminary Report User Needs Analysis

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In this report you can find the preeliminary conclusions about user needs analysis, in these specific things:

  • The needs and analysis performed in the partner countries to help identify the training needs on the circular economy servitisation model of both trainers and learners. 
  • The partners worked on the specific research in order to provide feedback from their countries under the auspice of Jaume I University.
  • All partners collected the results and the IO leader will collate into one common report with an executive summary.
  • Jaume I University has been the responsible for preparing the questionnaires, sending them to the partners and collecting the completed questionnaires from the workshops or interviews organised in each country with target group members & stakeholders.