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22 01, 2020

Multiplier Event – Korydallos (Municipality of Korydallos – Greece)

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Multiplier Event – Korydallos (Municipality of Korydallos – Greece) Tuesday 10 th of December 2019, 17.00-21.00, Municipal Council Hall – Korydallos

On 10th of December 2019 a multiplier event took place at Municipal Hall in Korydallos (Greece) elaborating on the CLEAR project disseminating the concept and the results of this collaboration. In this event were invited adult educators, entrepreneurs, local association for entrepreneurship, senior people as well representatives from Ministry of Education and especially from Life Long Learning Centre’s Committee and the Institution of Certification for Adults Educators. During this event all participants had the opportunity to discuss and understand the synthesis that CLEAR provides on Circular Economy, Entrepreneurship and Servitization.

You can find more information in the following link.

13 01, 2020

Multiplier event – Coimbra (Portugal)

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On 13th January took place a multiplier event at Mondego Senior University in Coimbra (Portugal), which allowed senior participants to increase their knowledge about Circular Economy and Servitization.

SPI presented the aims and main outputs of the CLEAR project, including the Circular Economy and Servitization online platform – CLEAR toolbox.

Afterward, there was a discussion period on the topics, where participants were able to ask questions and share their own experiences in the field of sustainability, resource-saving and hence circular economy.

13 12, 2019

Multiplier event University of Deusto – Bilbao (Spain)

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During the first week of December a Multiplier Event organized by Media Creativa took place in the University of Deusto in Bilbao. The students and teachers that attended were working on the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.

First, the CLEAR project was introduced, as well as the concepts of Circular Economy and specially, servitization.

Afterwards, materials created  throughout the life cycle of the project were shown and discussed: the results of the first need analysis carried out, the case study of washing machines as an example and last, the training course. Tha main contents of the course were introduced. Participants provided a warm welcome to the initiative.

10 12, 2019

Multiplier event – Coimbra (Portugal)

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On 26th November took place a multi-event at Casa da Esquina in Coimbra (Portugal), which allowed the participants to increase their knowledge about Circular Economy and Servitization.

Firstly, SPI presented the aims and main outputs of the CLEAR project.

Then Prof. Teresa Vieira from University of Coimbra held a presentation and discussion about Circular Economy and Materials. The CLEAR toolbox, as presented by SPI, approached all the outcomes of this Circular Economy and Servitization online platform.

Finally, Casa da Esquina presented a case study, namely their own Trading Markets initiative.

7 10, 2019

CLEAR Toolbox

2019-10-07T18:29:45+00:00October 7th, 2019|Results|0 Comments

The CLEAR toolbox is the resource center where you can find all together the CLEAR resources, easy to be download and used for your training activities. You can also access from that portal the online course.

The toolbox has been designed following the principles of transferability and reusability; easy to find and donwnload. Access the eLearning platform. Adoption of materials, and if you improve or add new languages or content, also a platform to upload (under request) new content. So this is a place to continuously use, update and improve the CLEAR products.

We can affirm that we designed the CLEAR toolbox following the CLEAR principles: this a service under circular economy approach; use it and re-use.

Clic here to access the Toolbox


26 09, 2019

Material prepared by the students of the Senior Citizens’ University

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In the first video three students comment on the importance of the servitization of knowledge:

The second one is about soap making recycled oil:

The third is an example of the use of car sharing among students of the Senior Citizens’ University:

The next video is about the traditional crop and fertilizer model

Below is a video about recycling pesticide containers and good use to take them to the recycling point:

And finally there is a clear example of going to buy organic and organic fruit, using as a packaging a carrycot and recyclable bags, which are not for single use:

13 09, 2019

Newsletter no. 4

2019-09-13T16:32:40+00:00September 13th, 2019|Results|0 Comments

The new newsletter no. 4 is now available, you can download in this link:

In this you can find the information about the next meeting in Greece; the news about the Training course material and digital training toolbox will be online soon. Also there is a report about the Spain National Strategy regarding Circular Economy. Furthermore, there are different events around Europe and some publications.

24 07, 2019

Dissemination of the project in Renaixement magazine

2019-07-24T08:31:44+00:00July 24th, 2019|Activities|0 Comments

The Clear Project has been disseminated in Renaixement magazine. Specifically, in number 44 of the same, an article about the Clear Project was presented with the definition of it. At issue 46, was the news about the Staff Week event was held at the Jaume I University of Castellón.

So this magazine is distribuited to the Spanish administrations and institutions, as well as to the different Universities for seniors.

12 06, 2019

Multi-event CLEAR

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On 10th June took place a multi-event at the Raval Theater in Castelló (Spain), which was attended by more than 200 people who could thus increase their knowledge.

It was developed in this order: firtsly the project’s coordinatior, Roger Esteller presented the aims of the project. Then a group of students led by Pilar Escuder, made a colloquium on Circular Economy and Servitization, presented and studied proposals and attitudes aimed at a sustainable future. Finally, two scientific monologues were developed: “One moment, is science also culture? by David Ibáñez Gil de Ramales, PhD in Theoretical Physics by the University of Valencia and «The monkey that wastes» carried out by Ignacio Crespo Pita, Doctor and disseminator.